Security Services Include:






Financial Services


Office Building

K-9 Dog Security.

Retail Security

Customers require a feeling of well- being when shopping. At Baycroft Security International we provide the highest level of customer service to accommodate shoppers.


Shoplifting is very serious matter that can hurt any retail stores profits eventually putting them out of business. Retail stores are often over whelmed with customers especially on weekends and holidays. With employees busy due to the demands of so many customers it is very hard to stay on top of everyone so some things may go unaccounted for.

Don’t let your business be ruined or destroyed by shoplifters. Prevention of theft can be avoided by hiring a security firm to protect your investment against theft as well as teaching your employees how to prevent damage and loss to valuable merchandise.

Mobile Security

Baycroft Security International provides marked and unmarked vehicles to patrol and inspect properties. Mobile patrols are used to look for suspicious activity as well as provide a visual deterrence from the theft of property..

Special Event Security

We at Baycroft Security International have the ability to handle all aspects of special event coordination from crowd control to traffic control. We have the expertise and experience in order to help make your event a success, keeping customers safe. Hiring a security company as a component of an overall plan will go a long way, preventing criminals from making your assets potential targets. For a successful event quality security is very important..

Commercial Security

Commercial properties such as office buildings and warehouses should always be protected from the threat of theft, vandalism or personal injury. Baycroft Security International provides commercial security services such as parking enforcement, perimeter patrols, entrance and exit reception as well as escort services to name a few.


We protect our client’s best interest by providing around the clock security in order to guarantee prompt and efficient service to our clients. We will prevent unauthorized access to your site and maintain that all is safe and secure 24 hours a day, everyone wins when safe practices are adhered to..

Residential Security

The number one concern of home buyers, home owners, apartment complexes, residents and guard gated communities is security. Everyone wants to be on the safe side, living in a safe secure community but residents are always concerned about the threat of burglaries, home invasions, theft of vehicles or damages due to the negligence of unexpected intruders.


At Baycroft Security International we can tailor a solution to fit your needs that will ensure the safety of all residents such as foot patrols, and mobile security services to name a few. There is no need to worry, give us a call today.

Bank/Financial Security

Banks as well as financial institutions are aware of the concern for security services. At Baycroft Security International we provide security guards and vehicle patrol services in order to protect property, enforce rules and regulations as well as the safety of clients and employees.


Our objective is to deter crime, observe and report all suspicious threats, provide escort services to customers and employees as well as assist in the opening and closing of the facilities. Whether you are interested in a plain clothes or uniform security officer we can provide a solution to fit your needs..

K-9 Dog Security

K9s are a huge deterrent and can eliminate the use of man security services. Our dogs are trained for special assignments such as bomb detection, drug sniffing, and rescue services. They are also trained for obedience, handler protection as well as the apprehension of individuals.


By using one of our security k9’s the need for man security can be reduced dramatically. If you are interested in one of our trained k9’s please give us a call or send us an email..